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Age: 19
Hometown: Kostanay, Kazakhstan
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Volleyball Player
Fighting Style: Volleyball
Hobbies: Playing volleyball, swimming


Zhuldyz is a young volleyball player who played in Kazakhstan's volleyball team. She has received much attention of everyone, because of her beauty and her cuteness. She went viral through the news, media and the internet. She gained so much popularity from the audience.


Catch!Zhuldyz spikes a volleyball at the opponent.

Meteor Missile: Zhuldyz jumpkicks at the opponent twice and punches at her opponent.

Volleyball Launch: Zhuldyz tosses her volleyball.

Air SpikeZhuldyz does an aerial spike attack.


Sparking PunishmentZhuldyz shouts and does 7 spikes and then slaps her opponent.

Fatal Foul: Zhuldyz shouts and volleyball digs at the opponent, then punches her opponent 5 times.


Game Set!She looks at the volleyball, she then jumps in slow-motion to do an intense volleyball spike at the opponent. 


Voice Actress:
 AJ Michalka (English), Mariana Ortiz (Latin American Spanish),  (Japanese)

Intro Sequence: Zhuldyz walks with a voleyball ball on her hand and smiles. Says "May the best win!" *thumbs up*

Outro Sequence: Zhuldyz walks to the knocked out opponent and extends her hand to him/her saying "You fought well!"

Stage: Volleyball Gym (BGM: Battlefield by Jordin Sparks)

Character Select Quote: Ready to play!


Intro Cutscene:

(We open to the Volleyball Gym where Zhuldyz and her team are stretching while preparing play volleyball against each other.)

Zhuldyz (V/O): Hello, my name is Zhuldyz Iskakova and this is the volleyball gym where I train with my team.

(Zhuldyz is playing volleyball together and against her team.)

Zhuldyz (V/O): I started playing volleyball a few years and have been in volleyball tournaments around Asia.

(Continued to play volleyball.)

Zhuldyz (V/O): I went viral through the news, media and the internet. People were distracted because of me and my appearance. They thought that I was cute, hot, beautiful and gorgeous. I've gained so much popularity of the audience.

(Later they sat on their bench while resting.)

Zhuldyz (V/O): Because of this, my coach and the others might get jealous and dislike me for it.

(Zhuldyz's friend gave her a flyer of the "Rumble Crisis" Tournament.)

Zhuldyz (V/O): I saw a flyer about a fighting tournament called "Rumble Crisis". And thought that I could go in and show volleyball techniques. 

Stage 4 Interlude: Võ Thu Phương

Pre-Fight Cutscene:

(Scene takes place in the Vovinam Gym where Thu Phương is practicing with the fighting bag.)

Zhuldyz: Hello, you seem to look up a fight.

Thu Phương: I do. Wait you're that volleyball girl that viral on the internet and the media!

Zhuldyz: I am. I'll see how my volley ball techniques works against your martial arts.

Thu Phương: Okay. They don't equal!

(Both fighters are now in their fighting stances.)

After-Match Cutscene:

(Zhuldyz started to Thu Phương after her victory.)

Thu Phương: You're not bad, I didn't expect you to be this good fighting random with a volleyball.

Zhuldyz: Don't judge the book by its cover.

Thu Phương: How's it going with matches.

Zhuldyz: They were good. Me and my team going to play a volleyball match against Japan. I was wondering if you want to check it out?

Thu Phương: Sure!

Zhuldyz: Alright. Gotta go now!

(Zhuldyz leaves the place.)

Rival Battle: Vs. Malanda Atkinson

(Scene takes place in the Rumble Crisis 
Tournament Arena. The referee begin to speak.)

Referee: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the final battle of the Rumble Crisis tournament! Introducing first... Kazakhstan's Volleyball Sweetheart, Zhuldyz Iskakova. And her opponent The Silent Scorpion, Malanda Atkinson!

(The crowd gets excited when both fighters enter the battlefield.)

Zhuldyz: Hi, are you my next rival, right?

(Malanda is quiet, but nods.)

Zhuldyz: Then let's begin! May the best win!

Malanda: Don't get too cocky and get ready you too.

(Both fighters are now in their fighting stances.)

After-Match Cutscene:

(After defeating MalandaZhuldyz is declared the winner.)

Referee: "The winner is... Zhuldyz Iskakova!"

Zhuldyz: Your punches were very fast.

Malanda: I'm a trained boxer, that's why they call me "The Silent Scorpion."

Zhuldyz: That is so much cool! Bye, gonna celebrate my victory!

(Malanda walks away and makes a peace sign at her.)

(We see a businessman with red John Lennon glasses approaching to Zhuldyz.)

Businessman: "Congratulations on your victory, Zhuldyz Iskakova. Come with me, someone wants to see you."

(Zhuldyz decides to accompany him.)

Sub-Boss Cutscene:

(The scene takes place outside of an abandoned building, there comes a car to the place where the first came out is the businessman, and opens the back door to Zhuldyz to leave the vehicle.)

Zhuldyz: Thanks.

Businessman: You're welcome, somebody wants to challenge you to a fight.

Zhuldyz: Alright, I'm ready.

Businessman: He is coming soon. Good luck with your match.

(The car started to go away while 
Zhuldyz is waiting for her opponent to show up.) (Ferox appeared in front her in a few seconds.)

Ferox: Glad you made it, young girl. I'm your challenger!

Zhuldyz: Wait, who are you?

Ferox: I am Ferox. I am the right-hand man of my lord. I'm here to exterminate you.

Zhuldyz: Me, but why?

Ferox: Because my lord ordered me.

Zhuldyz: I thought it was suppose to be a normal tournament!

Ferox: Well you thought wrong, you fool!

(Both fighters are now in their fighting stances.)

Ferox: Prepare to meet your maker, human!

Final Boss Cutscene:

(We see Ferox defeated and gets up.)

Zhuldyz: Your lord is next.

(Ferox pointed to the big spaceship who is far away.)

Ferox: If you want to find him, go inside the big spaceship.

(Zhuldyz leaves the abandoned building.)

Ferox: You will never succeed against him!

(The scene takes place in the big spaceship where the shadow figure is located.)

????: So she has come.
(The doors began to open, Zhuldyz went in and saw the shadow figure.)

????: Welcome, Zhuldyz Iskakova. I have been expecting for you.

Zhuldyz: Are you the guy that Ferox mentioned?

????: Yes, I am! And I've gathers fighters on my sponsored tournament, including you.

(The shadow figure stood up and showed his appearance while walking.)

????: *chuckles* Let me introduce myself. I am a leader of "the three skulls." I am Jol and I'm here to invade your precious planet.

Zhuldyz: My planet?

Jol: Yes, I'm here to destroy mankind and conquer your world! That's why I create this tournament to trick everyone and lured into trap!

Zhuldyz: My god, I should've know!

Jol: Yes, you should, cause none of them would've know by now. Now, enough about me, let's kill you!

(Jol broke his armor off and showed his true powers.)

Jol: This is were the real battle starts!

Zhuldyz: I have find a way to defeat this guy!

Jol: Come at me, Zhuldyz, Don't hold back!

Ending Cutscene:

(Jol is defeated. He's trying to get up, but fails.)

Jol: How? How can this be? Losing to a human!

Zhuldyz: My volleyball skills helped me win this battle!

Jol: You were very lucky. I will return, mark my words!

(Jol pressed the self-destruct button. The spaceship began to rage.)

Jol: So long, girl! Hahahahaha!

(Zhuldyz started to run away from the spaceship.)

(A month later, we cut to the volleyball panel where Zhuldyz and the volleyball girls being interviewed by reporters.)

Reporter #1: Congratulations on winning against Malaysia! How did it feel to be in this game?

Volleyball Girl #1: It feels very good, we fought hard to move on to our next game!

Reporter #2: What in the country will you meet?

Zhuldyz: Japan.

Reporter #1: Do you know when it's going to start?

Volleyball Girl #2: The date is not revealed yet.

Reporter #1: Thank you for the interview.

(We see people taking pictures at them while the volleyball girl are smiling. The screen cuts to black as we see the Rumble Crisis logo as Two Steps From Hell’s To Glory plays in the background. The credits roll followed by a background montage of characters in the main roster performing their signature moves.)

Rumble Crisis: Zhuldyz Iskakova
Here is the fifth entry for Rumble Crisis! Let's meet Zhuldyz IskakovaZhuldyz is a gorgeous volleyball player known in Asia. She is the second female protagonist for the Rumble Crisis. She's a humble determined fun girl. Zhuldyz is based off Sabina Altynbekova. She's played like Natsu Ayuhara from Rival Schools.

- Zhuldyz is my first kazakh character.
- She was in two TV commercials.
- Her dream is to become a famous sportswoman and wishes to participate to the Olympic Games.
- Her voice actor AJ Michalka was known to voice Stevonnie from Steven Universe.
- "Zhuldyz" means star in kazakh.

Zhuldyz Iskakova © Me

Art by CrackedFishtank

HeroMachine 3 made from Dragon-Kid

Note: CrackedFishtank's art will be delayed. This is not the artist's art.
Donny: Hey, guys! Happy Valentine's Day for you all! And ladies if you want to give me a contact, hit me up. I'm available. *smiles and winks*


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